Fat Thursday

Let’s get this out of the way first: cabinets are here. Oh, and so is the dishwasher. And the pedestal sinks. We’re the number one delivery location in Pasadena today!


The kitchen got some much needed work, too. Behold:

Kitchen Window New plumbing

And this is early in the day. Since these pictures were taken, insulation is now filling the exterior wall and ceiling and I’ve crawled through the rafters into the attic… twice. Why? I think the question should be, “why not?”

In addition to all that (and the installation of our shower door, see below), a lot of door casing went in, drywall went up in the laundry room, and the water heater was moved. It was a dicey move, since it jiggled the ancient wire box that serves as our telephone hub, but your humble narrator was able to re-attach everything and place a few well-timed calls.


Oh, and the pile of trash was Dumpstered™. And through it all, Indiana perservered:

Defending the Gates

With a squirrel in one’s mouth, she can accomplish anything!

At Last…An Update!

Things our house has been up to…

HVAC vents installed in the addition…


Side door installed in the garage…isn’t all that dirt out there beautiful? Our new pretty carriage-looking large garage door (complete with automatic opener!) should be here in a few weeks!


Electrical and plumbing work has also taken off in the house…

PDRM0641 Shower

PDRM0643 Washer & Dryer outlets

PDRM0642 Outlets for sinks in new bathroom

Drywall has been delivered…Hope is goes up soon!

More Garage Progress- Hump Day Edition

 The garage is closed in on all sides! We’ll need electricity out there before we worry about a garage door…


If you look closely, you can see the plumbing was started today! Hopefully, it will pass inspection tomorrow…

Indiana is sitting in front of where the new shower will be located.


Below you can see plumbing for the bathroom and laundry room.