Last of the Paint

The conclusion of painting extends to the interior of the house as well as the exterior. Over the weekend we painted over the seafoam blue in the front bathroom with some pleasing neutral tones, sanding away the cracked and peeling stuff that’s been there since we moved in. There’s also a new light fixture that matches the ones in the kitchen, and a medicine cabinet that matches the ones in the back bathroom. Enjoy the new look!




My Big Fat Bungalow Puppy Update!

OK…so a lot has been going on and we have not posted a thing! We’ll start at the front of the house…New house numbers, new light, bigger, more awesome mailbox, and oh yeah- PAINT! (bad lighting)

DSC00244 DSC00243
A boy and his dog…


Front garden and new solar lights…

DSC00240 DSC00242

To the back…the sprinkler system has been updated and grass goes in tomorrow!


New plants for the backyard…