Last of the Paint

The conclusion of painting extends to the interior of the house as well as the exterior. Over the weekend we painted over the seafoam blue in the front bathroom with some pleasing neutral tones, sanding away the cracked and peeling stuff that’s been there since we moved in. There’s also a new light fixture that matches the ones in the kitchen, and a medicine cabinet that matches the ones in the back bathroom. Enjoy the new look!




We Have Concrete!

Our new driveway is amazing! The whole process of the pour started at 6:30 am Saturday morning!


No more uneven path to trip on…


The side patio. Steps will be built coming down from the kitchen. You can also see our beautiful new fence take shape! Nothing grows in this area due to the high shade so it will be a nice shaded patio area.

Side patio

Room to pull out a car and do a three-point-turn. Thanks, City of Pasadena! ;-/ Glad you have silly rules about not being able to back out of your driveway onto the street! Other than that- we love you!



The finished product!