Getting Close

We’re getting there. This past week, the construction crew came by and put the rest of the siding up. Now the house and the garage are completely covered. The French doors have also finally come in and have been installed; it’s a nice feeling to wake up and not see plywood!

Back of House Garage

All that remains to be done is to build some stairs and install the lights. No problem!

Meanwhile, the kitchen is as close as it can get until the countertops arrive. Since we’re home on the weekend, I thought we’d get some pictures of what the room looks like in the daylight. The Marmoleum is really beautiful and accents the wood cabinetry perfectly. It’s also easy to sweep for when a dog with dusty paws comes in from an hour of plumping in the sun!



There are a few accents I wanted to point out as well. The construction crew built some cool wood frames around the vents which complement the bungalow nicely. (You can also see one of our outdoor electrical plugs in this picture.)


Lastly, I did some clean-up in the backyard. The clover had really started to grow in, but 5 minutes with the lawn mower and 20 minutes raking leaves and Santa Ana wind detritus brought the backyard back into manageable shape.