What a Mess!

So…we are installing a redwood fence around the back and side yards for a little privacy. It will look awesome when it’s done! The guys started to wade through the jungle of plants to dig post holes…



The side yard…


Indiana inspecting the current state of the driveway…


We have been told that by next week, the driveway and fence should be in! We might actually have to say goodbye to our contractor, Chris, and his great crew in the next two weeks since the job will be done! That means we can move to start exterior painting and landscaping soon! Woohoo!

Goodbye Driveway

The final phase of construction is underway, as men came this morning and started to remove the old driveway. Expediting things was the overall shoddy state of said driveway – instead of a full concrete pad, it was separate concrete tiles straddling a “grass” island (in quotes because grass seldom grew there). Here’s how it looked as on 8:15 this morning:


The new driveway will hug closer to the fence to accommodate new steps coming down from the laundry. Those large bushes on the left will be torn out but we’ll keep some space for the garbage cans. The neighbors will be happy to see those leave the front yard!

Friendly Neighborhood Bungalow

Let’s face it – the house is almost done, so reports are getting scarce. Doesn’t mean development has completely stopped! This week saw the addition of our back patio – a perfect spot for Indiana to nap and soak up the sun:

The back porch

No more jumping out of the bedroom onto the dirt. Now we can take our time walking down to it. 🙂

On another front, our neighbors are really transforming the house next door to us into something nice. This was a house that, this time last year, was sitting empty because the owners defaulted on their mortgage. It’s had a turbulent history – angry dogs, angry politics coming from the radio, angry tenants. We’re so grateful the new owners are taking such care with the place! They’ve added a gravel patio in the backyard, installed French doors and a new deck, and are now in the process of painting it an authentic adobe color:

Next door