Dirt road

Not much has happened with the driveway since the last update. Workers have been at the house prepping our new fence by ripping out ivy, digging post holes and laying the foundation for the posts. There’s still plenty of dirt to move out to make way for a smooth, even drive up to the garage, so we anticipate the pour coming late this week or early next week.

Dirt Road

Fence materials

The wood’s been moved to the backyard already, so we basically have a glorified dirt path where the driveway used to be. What remains of the original concrete is piled against the tree in the front.

Chain link

The north facing side of the house looks like a tornado blew through because of the fence prepwork. Notice the see-through nature of the fence? That’s because we tore out all of the old bamboo fencing. We can’t wait for the privacy the new fence will afford!