Friendly Neighborhood Bungalow

Let’s face it – the house is almost done, so reports are getting scarce. Doesn’t mean development has completely stopped! This week saw the addition of our back patio – a perfect spot for Indiana to nap and soak up the sun:

The back porch

No more jumping out of the bedroom onto the dirt. Now we can take our time walking down to it. 🙂

On another front, our neighbors are really transforming the house next door to us into something nice. This was a house that, this time last year, was sitting empty because the owners defaulted on their mortgage. It’s had a turbulent history – angry dogs, angry politics coming from the radio, angry tenants. We’re so grateful the new owners are taking such care with the place! They’ve added a gravel patio in the backyard, installed French doors and a new deck, and are now in the process of painting it an authentic adobe color:

Next door