Agua Corriente

Barring the backsplash tile and a little paint, the kitchen is done.


The countertops – a synthetic made of recyclable “green” materials known as RichLite – looks amazing on top of the cabinets. The above is our workstation (complete with Indiana photo on the computer monitor) where the network hub will sit. The keyboard is tucked away under the counter, and the computer is sitting in the far left cabinet.



Above shots show more of the finished RichLite countertops. They’re snugly fit between wall and cabinet, with a silicone solution sealing the spaces in between.

Kitchen sink and dishwasher

The dishwasher is finally installed, and will get a good workout this weekend when we wash all the dishes that have been accumulating for lack of a place to wash them. It’s just nice, however, to have a working sink in the kitchen. Hard to believe it’s been months!

Countertop range

The final piece went in this morning – the Bosch cooktop. It looks great and works even better; turning on each burner was easy and effortless. We couldn’t be happier. Pancakes for breakfast? You betcha!